Change in Policies and Procedures

The following sections have been changed:


Academic Standards / Honors

The CPTC purple green honor cord is worn during the annual graduation ceremony to recognize students who finish their coursework with the honors designation. The honors designation on a student’s final transcript is based on a cumulative GPA 3.75 or higher in all college-level courses for those students earning a degree or a certificate of 45 credits or more. To determine honor cord eligibility:

  • For students completing their program of study in the current spring or summer quarters, the previous winter quarter college-level GPA is used.
  • For students who completed their program the previous fall or winter quarters, the final college-level GPA is used.

Students who meet the requirements to wear the purple green honor cord will be notified by letter and through their student email account by May 20 of each year. The graduation honors are different than the quarterly president’s and vice president’s lists.