AMT 217 FAA Testing & Turbine Engines

Covers preparation for and completion of FAA certification examinations. FAA written examinations are accomplished outside of CPTC at an FAA Designated Written Examination Center. After successful completion of written examinations, students must pass an oral and practical examination administered by an FAA Designated Maintenance Examiner. Students are charged a fee for these examinations. Note: Fees for these examinations are not included in the college tuition or lab fees. The remaining 120 hours of training concentrate on turbine engines, including their history, different types, the theory of operation of turbine engines, the Brayton cycle, Bernoulli's theory, and turbine engine air-flow characteristics. Learn the theory of operation of different types of compressors, combustion chambers, turbines and turbine stator vanes (nozzles). Learn the exhaust sections maintenance of turbine engines, including turbine engine removal, overhaul, inspection, and repair procedures. Learn to install turbine engines; make adjustments; troubleshoot, test, and check run procedures; and become familiar with regulations, publications, and records for turbine engines.