Phlebotomy Program (PHLEB 120)

This class is designed to develop basic phlebotomy skills for blood collection and safe handling. Students will learn proper technique and order of draw for venipuncture using a variety of collection methods (syringes, vacutainers, and butterfly needle). Students will also learn proper techniques for collecting blood specimens using finger and heel sticks. Students will have lab time to practice their skills on other students in a mock laboratory setting.

Please Note

This is a five-week intensive program aimed toward health care professionals currently employed in the field. It is composed of lecture and lab times. There is no clinical component to this course



Completion Requirements


At least three months of clinical experience and/or formal training in a health care field. Students must provide documentation of work experience or training in order to enroll in the Continuing Education Workforce & Community Education Phlebotomy Program. Students must obtain written approval to register.