Academic Year Calendar

HOURS OF OPERATION general, Clover Park offices are open Monday-Friday between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. For exact hours of each office, please visit 


ACADEMIC YEAR CALENDAR makes every effort to ensure all items in the calendar are accurate at the time of publication. Dates and locations are subject to change and can be verified at

JUNE 2023
June 22 Spring quarter grades due online 
June 20 Summer quarter tuition/fees due 

JULY 2023 July 31 Last day for 50% refund Summer quarter 
July 28 Summer graduation applications due 
July 26 Program Information Session 
July 22 Fall CPTC Foundation Scholarship Application Deadline 
July 12 Program Information Sessions 
July 10 Last day to withdraw 100% refund Summer quarter 
July 5 Open registration ends for Summer quarter 
July 4 Independence Day (College closed) 
July 3 Summer quarter begins 

August 23 Program Information Sessions
August 21 Last day to withdraw with ‘W’  
August 9 Program Information Sessions 
August 9 Students have ‘earned’ 100% financial aid funds 

September 29 Last day to withdraw 100% refund fall quarter
September 27 Program Information Session 
September 26 Last day open registration fall quarter 
September 25 Fall quarter Start 
September 22 Opening Day 
September 21 New Student Orientation 
September 21 Professional Service Day 
September 11 Fall quarter tuition/fees due 
September 8 Fall quarter grades due online 
September 4-22 Summer Break 
September 4 Labor Day (College Closed) 
September 1 Summer quarter End


October 25 Program Expo
October 24 Last day to withdraw 50% refund Fall quarter
October 23 Outcomes/Assessment Day (No classes) 
October 20 Fall graduation applications due 
October 20 Faculty In-Service Day (No classes)
October 11 Program Information Sessions 
November 3  Priority Registration (Running Start, NWCHTS, Veterans) Winter quarter 
November 6-9 Continuing Student Registration 
November 8 Program Information Sessions
November 10 Veterans Day (College closed) 
November 13 Students have ‘earned’ 100% of Fall financial aid funds 
November 13-January 3 Open Registration 
November 15 Last day to withdraw with ‘W’ Fall quarter 
November 23-24 Thanksgiving Break (College closed)

December 22-January 1 Winter Holiday (College Closed)
December 19 Winter quarter tuition/fees due 
December 18 Fall grades available online 
December 13-January 1 Winter break 
December 13 New Student Orientation 
December 13 Professional Service Day (No classes) 
December 12 Fall quarter End 

January 30 Last day to withdraw 50% refund Winter quarter
January 26 Winter quarter graduation applications due 
January 24 Program Information Sessions 
January 15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (College closed) 
January 10 Program Information Sessions
January 8 Last day to withdraw 100% Winter quarter 
January 2 Winter quarter Start 
January 1 New Year’s Day Observed (College Closed) 

February 2 Priority Registration (Running Start, NWCTHS, Veterans) Spring quarter 
February 5-8 Continuing Student Registration 
February 9-April 2 Open registration 
February 14 Program Information Sessions – Virtual 
February 19 President's Day (College closed)

February 20 Students have ‘earned’ 100% financial aid funds winter quarter 
February 21 Last day to withdraw with W 
February 28 Program Information Sessions

MARCH 2024
March 1 Faculty/Staff In-Service Day (No classes) 
March 13 Program Information Sessions
March 18 Winter quarter end 
March 18 Spring quarter tuition/fees due
March 19-March 29 Spring Break 
March 20 New Student Orientation 
March 22 Quarterly grades available online

APRIL 2023
April 1 Spring quarter Start 
April 5 Last day to withdraw 100% refund spring quarter 
April 10 Program Information Sessions 
April 24 Program Information Sessions 
April 26 Last day to withdraw with 50% refund Spring quarter 
April 26 Spring quarter graduation applications due

MAY 2024
May 3 Priority Registration (Running Start, NWCTHS, Veterans) Summer/Fall quarters 
May 6-9 Continuing Student Registration
May 10-July 2 Open registration Spring quarter
May 10-Sept 24 Open registration Fall 2024 quarter 
May 8 Program Information Sessions
May 9 Career Conference 
May 16 Students have ‘earned’ 100% financial aid funds Spring quarter 
May 17 Faculty In-Service Day (No classes) 
May 20 Last day to withdraw with ‘W’ 
May 22 Program Information Sessions 
May 27 Memorial Day (College closed)

JUNE 2024
June 12 Program Information Sessions
June 13 Spring quarter end 
June 13 Graduation ceremony 
June 14 Professional Service Day 
June 14-June 28 Summer Break 
June 19 Juneteenth (College closed) 
June 18 New Student Orientation 
June 20 Spring quarter grades due online