Refund Policy

  1. Fees for tests or assessments offered in the Testing Center are non-refundable.
  2. For state-funded classes, the tuition and laboratory/supply/computer use fee will be refunded for a payment period upon official withdrawal according to the following schedule:
    1. 100% Prior to the sixth day of instruction.
    2. 50% The sixth through 20th day of instruction.
    3. 0% Twenty-first calendar day through the end of the payment period.
  3. Financial aid recipients are subject to the Title IV Return of Funds policy stated in this catalog.
  4. For Workforce and Community Education courses and programs:
    1. 100% Any time class is cancelled by the College.
    2. 100%  If you withdraw 48 hours before the first class meeting. Certain consumable and pass-through fees (e.g. credit card transaction fees) are not refundable.
    3. 0%  If you fail to attend class for any reason without prior notice. Roll-overs to future classes in lieu of refund will not be permitted.
    4. Students receiving funding through a third party must adhere to the rules of the funding source (e.g., employer, Workforce funding, Labor & Industries)
  5. Programs canceled by the college will be refunded at 100 percent of the fees paid but unused as of the cancellation date.
  6. Refunds will not be granted for students withdrawn for disciplinary reasons.
  7. Students called for military active duty will be granted a refund of tuition and fees paid for the current payment period, subject to the rules and regulations of their respective funding sources and payment methods. Presentation of written confirmation (orders) is required.
  8. Students who do not attend the first two class sessions and/or comply with the established attendance policy for the class or program may forfeit the right to continue and may be subject to administrative withdrawal without refund.
  9. Upon official withdrawal, refunds will be made by mail to the student or his or her respective funding agencies.