Chemical Dependency Option Certificate

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Provides specialized knowledge and training about the generalist scope by introducing students to core concepts related to chemical dependency prevention and treatment for individuals, adolescents, groups, and families.

The certificate will provide students with the academic and technical training background to understand content, models, theories, and research relevant to working with chemically dependent persons and their families and will prepare students for specialized entry-level employment. It is ideal for working professionals who already have a degree but are in need of the specific coursework to obtain state credentials. The required certificate coursework covers the required content areas for the chemical dependency professional credential issued by the Washington State Department of Health (See RCW 246.811 Washington Administrative Code [WAC] Chapter 246-811).

Employability Requirements

Persons with some types of criminal convictions may not be eligible for employment as determined by the Washington State Department of Health.

Employability for the Chemical Dependency Professional Trainee (CDP-T) and Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP) is at the discretion of the Department of Health. The WA State DOH requires a background screening upon application for the CDP-T professional.

Students wishing to become a CDP are advised to apply in quarter one of their program for the CDP-T through the WA State Department of Health to ensure enough time for the DOH background check and processing in time to utilize the CDP-T credential in quarter three of the program.

Program Length

This program is a combination of on-line, classroom, laboratory and externship experience This concentrated certificate program is three quarters long, depending on the time students need to satisfactorily complete all graduation requirements. Degree program completion generally takes 1.5-2 years to satisfy all degree requirements.

Admission Dates

Fall and spring quarters.

Completion Requirements


This certificate is designed for employed human services professionals who are working to obtain their chemical dependency state credential, as well as students completing the human services degree at Clover Park Technical College. Students pursuing the certificate outside of Clover Park Technical College’s degree program must have a completed degree from another institution.

A criminal background check is performed for all students enrolled in a human services internship class for the degree program in the first quarter. A non-refundable fee is charged to each student for the background check. Students with certain types of criminal convictions may not be eligible to participate at certain internship sites.

Note: The Human Services background check does not take the place of the CDP-T application. Students are expected to have their CDP-T credential in place before Quarter Three of the program and HSCD 235 CD Practicum.

Program Course List

PSYC& 220Abnormal Psychology


PSYC& 200Lifespan Psychology


HS 125HIV/AIDS/Blood-Borne Pathogens & Brief Risk Intervention for the Chemically Dependent


HSCD 134Introduction to Addictions


HSCD 150The Neuro-Pharmacology of Addiction


HSCD 155Chemical Dependency Counseling I: Individuals & Groups


HSCD 180Addictions Treatment: Ethics & the Law


HSCD 215Case Management & Recordkeeping for the Chemical Dependency Professional


HSCD 227Chemical Dependency Assessment & Evaluation


HSCD 229Suicide Prevention for the Chemical Dependency Professional


HSCD 235Chemical Dependency Practicum


HSCD 249Chemical Dependency Counseling II: Adolescents & Families


HSCD 251Relapse Prevention


Total Credit Hours:51

Note: PSYC& 100DIV is a prerequisite to PSYC& 200 and 220.