Student Academic Responsibilities

Admission to Clover Park Technical College carries with it the understanding that students will conduct themselves as responsible members of the college community. This includes an expectation that students will obey appropriate laws, comply with the rules of the college and its departments, and maintain a high standard of integrity and honesty.

  1. Dishonesty: Honest assessment of student performance is of crucial importance to all members of the college community. Acts of dishonesty are serious breaches of honor and shall be dealt with in the following manner:
    1. It is the responsibility of the college administration and faculty to provide reasonable and prudent security measures designed to minimize opportunities for acts of dishonesty that occur at the college.
    2. Any student who, for the purpose of fulfilling any assignment or task required by a staff member as part of the student’s program of study, shall knowingly tender any work product that the student fraudulently represents to the staff member as the student’s work product, shall be deemed to have committed an act of dishonesty. Acts of dishonesty shall be cause for disciplinary action and be subject to the processes described in the Code of Student Conduct WAC 495C-121-060.
    3. Any student who aids or abets the accomplishment of an act of dishonesty, as described in sub-paragraph (b) above, shall be subject to disciplinary action.
    4. This section shall not be construed as preventing an instructor from taking immediate disciplinary action when the instructor is required to act upon such breach of dishonesty in order to preserve order and prevent disruptive conduct in the classroom. This section shall also not be construed as preventing an instructor from adjusting the student’s grade on a particular project, paper, test, or class grade for dishonesty.
  2. Classroom Conduct: Faculty members and instructional administrators are authorized to take appropriate action to maintain order and proper conduct in the classroom and the cooperation of students in fulfilling course objectives. See Code of Student Conduct WAC 495c-121-070.
  3. Any student who substantially disrupts any college class by engaging in conduct that renders it difficult or impossible to maintain the decorum of the class shall be subject to disciplinary action as defined in the Code of Student Conduct WAC 495C-121-050-070.