Withdrawing from a Course

Students dropping or withdrawing from any course or program must meet with their program adviser and complete the withdrawal paperwork. If an emergency occurs preventing the student from coming to the college, the student may contact their program adviser through email or telephone. Failure by the student to officially withdraw will affect grades and possible refunds. Financial Aid recipients are subject to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and should contact the Student Aid & Scholarships Office prior to withdrawing from a program or course.

Withdrawals through the fifth class day after the start of a course or program will be considered a drop and will not appear on the student transcript. Students receiving aid will be subject to the 10th day overpayment policy.

Withdrawals after the fifth class day and through the 35th class day of a quarter may receive a “W” grade. Students withdrawing after the end of the 35th class day of a quarter will receive the grade earned for the quarter at the time of withdrawal.

Students re-enrolling in a course or program for which a “W,” “F,” or “V” was assigned must begin the course or program in the first week of the quarter and in accordance with established prerequisites.