Parking and Transportation


Pierce County transit buses make regular stops at CPTC. To see specific routes, visit All CPTC students are eligible to receive a CPTC ORCA Card for each quarter they are enrolled at the college. For more information, visit the Student Leadership and Service Center in Building 23 or visit

White-striped areas are designated for student parking. Yellow-striped areas are restricted to the following: disabled, authorized staff, and visitors. The campus speed limit is 10 miles per hour, unless otherwise posted. Vehicles improperly parked on campus are subject to a fine for each offense and/or will be towed at the owner’s expense. Students are also subject to a fine for each offense for parking in unauthorized areas, blocking or obstructing traffic, and parking in fire lanes or tow-away zones. Parking in a designated handicapped space without a state-issued handicapped parking permit carries a campus fine or a higher fine if cited by the Lakewood Police Department.

Students who violate driving or parking rules may be required to leave their vehicles off campus. Clover Park Technical College is not responsible for damage to or loss of vehicles parked on campus.