Degree and Certificate Completion

Clover Park Technical College grants four bachelor of applied science degrees and three associate degrees: the Associate of Applied Technology degree, the Associate of Applied Science-T degree, and the Associate of Arts and Sciences (DTA/ MRP). These degrees are defined in this catalog, and the degree programs are listed in the Programs & Courses section.

A certificate is awarded to students who satisfactorily complete the competencies and requirements for programs that are not defined as degree programs. General Education courses are required in certificate programs of 45 credits or more.

Courses numbered below 100 are not considered college level and do not meet degree/certificate requirements.

Standard for Completion

To be eligible for completion, a student must have:

  1. A cumulative grade point average of no less than 2.0;
  2. Met all of the program requirements; 
  3. Completed 25 percent of the technical coursework at Clover Park Technical College
  4. Completed the Application for Degree/Certificate

Application for Degree or Certificate

To receive a bachelor’s degree, associate degree, or certificate from Clover Park Technical College, a student must complete an Application for Degree or Certification form available from the Enrollment Services Office or online at MyCC. The application should be completed by the fourth week of the quarter in which the student expects to complete their degree/certificate. For a student completing a degree or certificate who does not complete the Application for Degree or Certificate form, the degree and/or the certificate will be automatically awarded.

Commencement Ceremony

Clover Park Technical College will host an annual commencement ceremony to honor any eligible student completing a degree, certificate, high school diploma, or High School Equivalency exam. Students completing their program in the current academic year may participate in the annual ceremony. To find out more about the annual ceremony and to register to attend, please visit:

Time Limitation

Clover Park Technical College curriculum is based on current industry standards. Returning Clover Park Technical College students who left prior to completion of their program must meet the program’s graduation requirements as described in the current Clover Park Technical College Catalog.

Clover Park Technical College students who have completed the technical requirements of their program but have not completed the General Education requirements for a degree or certificate will have one year from their date of withdrawal to complete the required General Education classes. If a longer period of time elapses before General Education courses are completed, the student will be required to meet the program’s graduation requirements as described in the current Clover Park Technical College Catalog.

Additional Information

For additional information call the degree evaluator at 253-589-6003 or