Student Progress Policy

Clover Park Technical College is a state technical college. Tuition covers about 46 percent of the cost of a student’s education. State tax dollars provide the rest. Washington State Law (SB 5135. RCW 28B.10.695) requires all state colleges to adopt policies that ensure students seeking degrees and certificates complete in a timely manner.

Clover Park Technical College is in a partnership with students to work towards an educational plan that will assist them in making consistent progress. The following Student Progress Policy and Degree/Certification Completion Procedures will assist students with their responsibilities to make progress towards their goals.

Degree/Certificate Completion Procedures

The college requires that students complete their degree or certificate within 125 percent of the published length of the program. The college will take the following steps to ensure that students are completing programs within a timely manner:

Step 1 When a student has completed the credits of the published length of the program, registration will be restricted until the student has developed a completion plan in consultation with instructional faculty. The plan must show that the student will be able to complete within 125 percent of the normal timeframe. If the student has mitigating circumstances, such as a disability, they must be documented with the Disabilities Specialist, and an appropriate plan should be in place.

Step 2 At 150 percent of credits required for the degree/ certificate, the student will be blocked from further registration. The student may appeal to the appropriate dean for special circumstances.

Academic Progress

These policies are intended to support a successful learning experience at Clover Park Technical College.

At the conclusion of each quarter, the grades of all students enrolled in that quarter will be reviewed. A student whose quarterly grade point average is less than 2.0 and who is taking six or more credits that quarter will be notified of his/her standing. Through this process the student will be alerted to potential problems in a timely manner, so that the student may take effective corrective action. Any student whose quarterly GPA is under 2.0 will be encouraged to take advantage of the assistance provided by the college to help ensure student success.

The following guidelines have been established to ensure that academic standards are maintained:

Step 1 The first quarter in which the grade point average is less than 2.0 will cause the student to receive notification of the level of academic achievement. The student may not be allowed to continue to the next course in accordance with established program prerequisites.

Step 2 If the student experiences two consecutive quarters of work in which the GPA is less than 2.0 (each quarter), the student will be placed on academic probation for the following quarter of attendance.

Step 3 If a student experiences three consecutive quarters of work in which the GPA is less than 2.0 (each quarter), the student will be suspended from attendance at the college and may not register for the next academic quarter.

Students placed on academic probation or suspension must meet with their program adviser prior to future quarter registration. Financial Aid recipients are subject to the Student Progress Policy.

Reinstatement to the college, following one quarter of academic suspension, requires the student to meet with Advising & Counseling staff to develop an educational plan. Upon reinstatement, the student will resume classes on academic probation.