Avionics Technician Certificate

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This two-quarter program is designed to provide students with a foundation in aircraft electronics and digital instrument systems and prepare individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair, service, and maintain operating, control, and electronic systems including instruction in flight instrumentation, aircraft communications and homing systems, radar and other sensory systems, navigation aids, and specialized systems for various types of civilian and military aircraft.

Students will receive an introduction to schematic reading, OSHA/FAA/Basic electrical safety, tools of the trade, and basic electrical components. Students will also learn introductory techniques for troubleshooting and repairing aircraft electronic instrument systems.

Program Length

This program is approximately two quarters long, depending on the time students need to satisfactorily complete all graduation requirements. Must have required tools and textbooks.

Admission Dates

Fall and spring quarters.

Program Outcomes

• Perform repairs and general maintenance on aircraft electronic system.

• Interpret applicable FAA and FCC regulations, aircraft service records, original equipment manufacturer technical manuals, schematics, and directives.

• Apply industry safety standards when performing aircraft electrical maintenance.

• Ensure safety of flight for aircraft navigation systems and aides.

• Troubleshoot electrical based aircraft systems necessary for safe and sustained flight.

Completion Requirements



Program Course List

AVIO 105Basic Electricity


AVIO 107Circuit Theory


AVIO 110Electrical components


AVIO 115Hazards and Safety


AVIO 120RF Circuits


AVIO 125Digital Logic


AVIO 130Aircraft Maintenance Practices


AVIO 135Aircraft Handling and Testing


COLL 102College Success for All


Total Credit Hours:44