Sustainable Interior Design Certificate

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This certificate program covers sustainable design topics of the built environment, with a focus on interiors.

Program Length

One quarter.

Admission Dates

Summer, fall, winter, and spring quarters.

Program Outcomes

• Explain concepts, principles, and theories of sustainability as they pertain to the built environment.

• Identify local and national laws and regulations related to sustainable design.

• Analyze sustainability and green building rating systems for their availability and applications.

• Examine a broad range of case studies and product options for their impact and contributions to sustainability.

• Develop their own unique sustainable design solution for a given project.

• Defend design ideas and solutions clearly in visual and written communications.

Completion Requirements



Program Course List

DSN 215Sustainable Design: An Overview


DSN 224Sustainability for Residential & Commercial Applications


DSN 226Sustainable Strategies in Design


DSN 229Sustainable Interiors & the Integrated Design Process


Total Credit Hours:19